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Operational Management


Operational Management

We’ll work with you to achieve your ideal, profitable product through our cultivation management services once your room is completely built out and you’re ready to start developing. We’ll figure out what raw materials you’ll need based on the cannabis strains you’re growing – Anything from the right form and amount of medium, nutrients, water, and lighting to the automation systems, timers, and other equipment used to ensure healthy growth is taken into account.

Watering, lighting, trimming, harvesting, curing, and processing schedules will be determined as part of a calculated plan and time-line from seed to ready product. We’ll also provide educational staff training and management to help you build a team of highly skilled cultivators and create a proper cultivation method.

Because agriculture is inherently unpredictable, it is important to take preventative measures to mitigate some of the damage farmers face when crops fail. That’s where crop insurance comes in. Crop insurance helps to stabilize farmers’ incomes by protecting them against losses, minimizing debts and protecting crop yields. 

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